Client Focus

We at ZSoft view the relationships with our clients as a partnership, and we work hard from the outset to make every partnership a successful one.


A successful partnership helps our clients to achieve their goals.


  • Our clients trust us to get the job done, on time and within budget
  • They appreciate our quick and clear understanding of their business needs
  • They appreciate our flexibility when those needs change
  • Our clients value ZSoft’s account management processes which both reduce risk and increase efficiency


To ensure a long-term relationship with our Clients, which more often than not translates into further business from them, a cross section of persons at different levels from ZSoft interact at different times with various persons within the Client organization. It is our Relationship Management Approach that is primarily responsible for all aspects of the relationship with a Client, before, during and after a specific project.

Each of our client-relationships is customised to address the unique requirements of our Clients. Our value add services and commitments towards the clients makes the client’s turn to us for their increasing needs related to complex information technology problems and take ZSoft’s assistance to resolve their problems.